This new study found that the Baby Boomers who will soon retire are less likely to have paid off their mortgages than those from the generation before. Back in 2000, around 60% of retirement-age Americans owned their homes free and clear, but in 2015, fewer than 50% of Americans aged 65 to 69 did.

What Baby Boomers’ Retirement Means For the U.S. Economy. And they’re much more likely to depend on others – the government or their own children, most often – than to support.

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For financial services firms, especially fintechs, baby boomers should be seen as the pot of gold at the end of the rainbow. They control 50% of the nation’s wealth, outspend younger generations, and.

Baby boomers are happy to retire right where they are, whereas millennials prefer to move to their "dream location." Approximately 37% of baby boomers said they don’t plan to relocate in retirement, according to a survey by American Advisors Group. Both groups found some similarity.

“The vast majority of baby boomers delayed work. which offer relative security in retirement. Defined benefit has been replaced by defined contribution pension plans like 401(k)’s, which offer far.

Here are the alarming statistics about Baby Boomers’ retirement. this isn’t likely to be enough for most people. Even worse, the median 401(k) balance is just $71,579 for this age group, meaning.

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Baby Boomers. The 10 Best Places to Retire in Canada. Here’s where Canadians are the most likely to be satisfied with their current lifestyle. Next:. but are generally less satisfied with.

The last remaining Baby Boomers to retire should be entering their golden years over the next few years. A change we are seeing with Baby Boomer retirees is that they are less likely to retire mortgage-free , compared to the previous generation, according to Fannie Mae .

In 2019, many baby boomers are nearing retirement. at the same age range. Less savings, higher debt, and less wealth are enough reasons for boomers to be concerned. But they also have to contend.

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. are already past retirement age, are substantially less likely to own their homes outright than their generational predecessor. “Among Baby Boomer owner-occupants aged 65 to 69 in 2015, fewer than.