· Justin Lerra was 26 when he turned himself in last summer to the fire department’s “safe station” program, which helps get drug users into treatment. He had been using drugs for seven years.

Drugs in Gwinnett County: A Presentation to SafetySmart Lilburn Maj. John Strickland, of the Gwinnett County Police Department, recently presented information on drug activity in the area. By.

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The Rise of Fentanyl: Drug Addiction On The I-95 - Two Years On Shoot first, then ask questions’ This community in the foothills of the Sierra Madre, whose residents. from drug traffickers shortly after taking office in 2006. Few communities have been harder.

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Jumbo Mortgage Defaults on the Rise in the Sun Shine States?  · Mortgage Default Rates Continue to rise jan 15 2013, 11:39AM Increased mortgage defaults pushed the overall consumer default rate up in December for the third consecutive month.

 · Rodrigo Duterte’s war on drugs is large-scale murdering enterprise’, Amnesty says, as the poor are targeted and killed by police

The drug. residents don’t want to leave The international red cross believes as many as 13,000 homes have been severely damaged or destroyed by Hurricane Dorian President’s latest China tariffs are.

Home hits Drug Gwinnett residents war – Mortgage Broker Palm. – DRUG WAR HITS HOME FOR NEIGHBORS RESIDENTS, POLICE CHASE ELUSIVE ANSWER – One message reads, "Attack Crack: Be a part of the solution." Wearied by the toll drug activity has taken on their community, Ethel and other McLaren Circle residents want to be part of the solution -.

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 · It’s home to a famous shrine, dedicated to Santa Muerte, Saint Death, a figure worshipped by drug traffickers as well as residents for blessings and her powers of protection.

Police raid tycoon’s home in renewed drug war. Police officers raid the home of drug trafficking suspect Ali Punjani in Nyali, Mombasa County, on August 12, 2019. Mr Punjani has been directed to surrender himself to police.. Kenyans hit in S.Africa attacks.

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