Florida Republican leaders were mostly silent Thursday when. He added that “any president from any political persuasion should not tolerate that type of behavior.” “We should be able to discuss.

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“Florida Citizen Voters is the only political effort we are working on in the state of Florida,” he said, adding that Colorado is next on the target list. But he acknowledged that all his money has.

Politics ; Florida’s prescription drug import plan – and Gov. Ron DeSantis – get major boost from Donald Trump . The U.S. plans to import lower-cost prescription drugs from Canada, and the.

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Gillum, a Democrat, in April reached a deal with the Florida Commission on Ethics, paying a $5,000 fine and admitting to a.

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I am not writing this from Florida proper, but from an occupied territory within Florida's borders. I hail from Broward County, where roughly 7 in.

His new book is The Swamp: The Everglades, Florida, and the Politics of Paradise. The Everglades were once considered a wasteland, worthy.

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Headlines. Invoking Pulse and Parkland , Audrey Gibson calls for assault.

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But he also said, after a Purple Heart dedication ceremony at Tallahassee National Cemetery, that it’s not productive to any.

Race/Topic (Click to Sort) Poll Results Spread; Iowa Democratic Presidential Caucus: CBS News/YouGov: Biden 24, Harris 16, Warren 17, Sanders 19, Buttigieg 7, Klobuchar 4, Booker 3, Castro 2, O.