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SGA Vice president cotrayia hardison said new leaders are “special” group of. to discuss hurricane preparedness, said Stephanie Chavis, Robeson County Emergency Management director. “Making sure.

6 Tips to Help Your Property Prepare for Hurricane Season By Ed Wolff | Sep 10, 2014 The 2014 Atlantic hurricane season is shaping up to again be below-normal, which is good news for apartments along U.S. coast lines.

The answers to these and other important questions can be addressed in a hurricane/disaster preparedness manual tailored for each organization. The manual should be specific to each business, but flexible as a disaster may impact a company in several unpredictable ways.

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You need to be ready to implement it. Even if you cannot perform drills similar to those for hurricane preparedness, you can walk through the steps you have laid out in your investigative protocol, listing who should be notified with multiple contact points to make sure you can get through to them.

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Hurricane Sandy is bearing down on the East Coast. They are: In the case of an evacuation, make sure you have a full tank of gas ready in a vehicle or transportation plans with friends or family. A.

Cuba is a world leader in hurricane preparedness and recovery. failing that, to a government-run group shelter (which can be anything from a school to a church). To get people there, local. Preparedness factsheets.. hurricane preparedness.. residents of North Carolina always need to be ready and prepared to deal with a disaster.