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The only difference between a PUD and a Condo is in the ownership of the common areas. What you described here: "The common areas that are within the development are owned jointly by all the residents, so if there were 50 homes then each owner would have 1/50th ownership" is pretty much the text book definition of condo ownership, not PUD.

Most condo buyers in 2010 and 2011 who jumped in with 5% down are under water already. First-timers there are being whacked as hard as those in Vancouver or Toronto by F’s big mortgage changes and.

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I would appreciate some clarification on how you determine the difference between a condo and a PUD for Fannie Mae purposes. I have attached the Fannie Mae definitions from the 2007 Sellers Guide for both condos and PUDs and the definitions of both from GMAC’s underwriting manual.

PUD vs. Condominium. by Reed Colwick on June 2, 2011. Did you know there are differences between these two that could potentially make one un-financeable in today’s economy? First, what is a PUD? PUD stands for a Planned Unit Development. This type of development is used to describe a.

A Planned Unit Development (PUD) is a community of homes that could look like single family residences, townhomes or condos, and can include both residential and commercial units, but on paper, they’re most similar to condos.

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Co-op vs. condo: What’s the difference?. they also elect certain residents as board members who carry out the group’s wishes.. If you can get a mortgage, the condo association will generally.

PUDS detached, attached, new and existing. existing (attached only) HOA turned over to unit purchasers fnma type E Requirements – – HOA must have been turned over to unit purchasers (no specified length of time). Documentation Required – – FNMA Type E PUD cert (Exhibit E) New or Existing Detached No Requirements except PUD Rider to mortgage