I’m not going to deal with the psychological impact on your life (for more on that, see 10 Practical Tips to Make Divorce. See Also: Financial Reasons Not to Divorce Neale Godfrey is a New York.

Whether you sell the house before or after the divorce is a choice you and your wife will have to make together. If you can’t make up your mind , I recommend selling the house before the divorce to take advantage of the bigger tax write off and the ability to completely move on after everything’s said and done.

Hire a real estate person familiar with divorce knowledge. In some areas, there are divorce real estate experts. If they are not titled that way, make sure to interview them to see if they have had a lot of experience of selling a house during a divorce. The real estate agent must establish neutrality with both sides of the couple.

If you or your spouse is granted use of a home as part of a divorce or separation agreement, the spouse who doesn’t live in the home can still count the days of use that the other spouse lives in that home. This can come into play if one spouse moves out of the house, but.

Thirty-eight percent of couples considering divorce. advice for dealing with each one. slide 1 of 6 More On Smart Spending: Create a news alert for "smart spending" Protecting assets It was once.

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The third option that exists when selling a home while going through a divorce is the couple will continue to co-own the property. The primary reason that a divorcing couple will choose this option is because there are kids involved.

You may have to sell the marital home, for example, or downsize to a less expensive vehicle if you can’t afford the payments.

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One option is one spouse keeps the house and buys out the other spouse’s share. In this case the divorce agreement will state by what date the spouse keeping the house will have refinanced the home, removed the other spouse from the mortgage and paid the other spouse their share of the equity.